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HALI and CORNUCOPIA  announce  Ancient & Modern A


A grant of 1,000 for a research project to be awarded
to a candidate less than twenty-seven or over sixty years.*

For the runner-up The Godfrey Goodwin Prize of 500 will be awarded
in honour of
Godfrey Goodwin (1921-2005) distinguished Ottoman scholar.

How to apply:

The project should relate to any of the subject areas covered by the sponsoring journals:

These areas include textile arts of all cultures and periods (Halı) and the art, archaeology, history and heritage of civilizations in Turkey (Cornucopia). As long as it pertains to one of these subject areas, there is no restriction on geographic location or time period.
Research areas include, but are not limited to

- textile arts of East Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the MiddleEast, Africa, Europe, and the Americas

- Islamic textiles from all periods and geographies

- textile collections around the world

- contemporary and historical textile production and conservation

- Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Turkish art and history

- archaeology from the earliest prehistoric times through the Bronze and Iron Ages, the Classical, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods, and into contemporary times

- the history of cuisine in Anatolia and neighbouring regions

- the cultural heritage of modern Turkey

- the influence of Turkish art and culture in other regions of the world

HALI and CORNUCOPIA reserve the right to publish the award results.
Winners will be invited to contribute a blog post or article to either journal when the project ends
Applications should be short and outline the project
in no more than 500 words, with up to 4 images (max 250 kb each) accompanied by your age,anticipated results, and contact address.
The award can be used for travel, material expenses and sustenance whilst the research is underway.
Priority will be given to projects which would not easily find funding and which display originality.
Entries are judged on the following criteria:
Presentation of the application
Worthiness of the subject
Likeliness to produce results
Appeal to Halı or Cornucopia readers of the resulting print article
Also considered is how the prize money would contribute to the project
Applications can be made by post or by email (Word doc. or pdf preferred)
and should be submitted to:
The Secretary
Ancient & Modern
PO Box 13311
Hawick, TD9 7YF
United Kingdom
Prize No.12 (2019) applications are now open
Deadline 31 March, 2019
* Age at time of application
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